Customer Reviews - Happy Hitchers!

"The hitch worked perfectly. The FlexPoint Tractor Hitch exceeded all our needs. I would recommend it to anyone. It will give us many years of service moving RV trailers and Park Model homes."

Bob Prust, Resort Manager
Silver Birches Carefree RV Resort
Lambton Shores, ON
December 2014


...The Hitch arrived as scheduled. It's been assembled, placed on the tractor, and is working like a dream. Great product and thoughtfully designed. I am able to move my gooseneck trailers, flatbed trailers or anything that requires a "ball hitch" without running around to constantly change tow vehicles.

W. Harris, Sanger, CA
June 13, 2013

...I use this product for moving trailers with ball type hitches attaching this device to the 3 point hitch of my utility John Deere Tractor. It is light enough to hitch up by one person, is highly weather resistant and is robust enough for even very heavy loads -- basically to the limit of the lifting capacity of the 3 point hitch. One of the most useful things about a hitch like this is that it is possible to simply back up and position the ball under the trailer, even if the trailer is only a few inches off the ground, pick up the tongue with the 3 point and adjust the height (can be used to drain a boat for example). I have used this for many years and it has paid for itself many times over, undoubtedly saving multiple back injuries. Highly recommended item and probably a must-have for easy moving of trailers of all kinds.

Jayvee from Outdoor Tent/Shops(Northern Tool + Equipment)
Apri 24, 2013

...I bought this for an old tractor to tow various trailers around the woods while sawing wood. It is built super strong and also worked great for hitching a chain to for ripping out old tree stumps! Easily lower it down or up as needed to add some lifting capacity for both dragging logs or towing trailers. I also used a 3 in 1 type hitch receiver to quickly change its function for trailering or towing oddball hitch types.

Bully from Central Wisconsin (Northern Tool + Equipment)
April 23, 2013

...It is refreshing to deal with a business that treats a customer with such a high level of courtesy, honesty and respect that I have experienced since inquiring about your products and subsequently placing an order. I look forward to receiving my order and I anticipate it will be a high quality product that will solve my towing issues with the tractor. Thanks again!

Glasgow Farms, Maryland
March 2013

...This is the best piece of equipment we have purchased in a long time.

J.Koberstein, Feb. 2013 (Owns a gooseneck and a receiver hitch!)

...thanks for making a quality product in the USA. I sure wish you would consider other products as well. Outstanding product, outstanding service.

Lumberport, WV on 12/26/12

...thank you again for expediting the shipping. It looks like a great product; well built, and tough. Can't wait to hook it up and use it. Thanks for the ball cap as well! It was a real pleasure doing business with you.

Ofallon, MO on 11/5/12

This 3-point hitch adapter is one of those tractor accessories that I wish I had purchased years ago when I got my tractor. The quality is great and I've been able to manipulate my 24 foot car hauler in my driveway using this adapter on my John Deere.

Leander, TX on 10/10/12


I used this adapter as a starting point for a 3-point hitch sprayer. The sprayer assembly is built to slide into the receiver. It is working very well. The adapter is also being used to haul a large wood chipper around the farm with the tractor, making it easier to position. The 3-point hitch allows me to level the chipper easily on hilly or uneven ground. Very useful tool!

Central, MI on 8/13/12


I use this product to park my 8,000 lb boat. Got it in the mail and was moving everything around the house with great ease. Top product.

Syracuse, NY on 8/14/12

I had been looking for something like this for some time and my local farm store had no idea what I was talking about. I saw this, bought it and am very pleased with the quality and durability of the product. Love it!

Perry, Ohio on 5/7/12

I really like your design. It was easy to install and works quite nice compared to the last unit we bought. Thank you.

R. Thomas, Service Manager
H&E Equipment Services
Phoenix, AZ

It's always a good feeling when you buy a new product that actually works! The Flexpoint is even more rugged and productive than I thought it would be. Maneuvering our horse trailers has become a more pleasant task. Thanks Flexpoint!"
Second communication: "I STILL love my Flexpoint. That damn thing has come in handy more times that I can count!...."

D. Azevedo, Los Gatos, CA

On behalf of Equest Therapeutic Riding Center, I would like to thank you for your generously donating a Flexpoint Tractor Hitch. It's been of great use to us as I can now store horse trailers just where I want them--no matter where the owners left them! It is truly a labor saving device.

N. Armentrout, EQUEST Therapeutic Riding Center

The thing has proven to be very useful! I have a bumper-pull car hauler and a gooseneck horse trailer that I move around the property a lot, so I got a Flexpoint 3-pt hitch adapter for that- I've now jockeyed them around all over the place. Hitching up with the 3-pt is much nicer, and *unbelieveably* quicker, than backing up the pickup and grinding on the hand jacks when a trailer needs to move. I just leave 'em down, and let the 3-point do the work. Moved a bunch of dirt, finished the backfill and wheel-packing on the trench for the electrics, mowed stuff I'd never attempted before. Still a happy camper...

S. Griffith, Colorado

Our original throught was to put a trailer ball in the bucket loader but we changed our minds upon learning about the Flexpoint Hitch. The Flexpoint allows us to use a triball insert which gives the flexibility of hooking up to the customers boat trailer with ease.

Shelli, General Manager
Port West Marina,
Raymond, Maine

I love my Flexpoint. I fiddeled around with horizonal drawbars for years before I learned about Flexpoint. What a nice product. Thanks, Summit.

G. Grice, San Diego

and......A Little Yankee Humor:

I hate the thing!! It takes all the work and hassle out of hooking up things that I want to haul behind my tractor.

Satisfied Maine Customer

I would like to express my thanks to you for supplying me with one of your Flexpoint Hitch Systems. I own a boat storage facility and the Flexpoint has enabled me to incease my capacity by 50%. With the use of the Flexpoint, I am able to make much tighter turns without binding and causing damage to my tractor or trailers and, most of all, my personal safety.

S. Vares, Falmouth, ME

For years I had been thinking of making something like this.
I can't afford to spend the time for the price that this thing sells for

Connecticut Contractor

It's a handy rig. Sure saves my back!

K. Braun, Windham, ME

Fantastic Invention, I've been thinking about something like that for years. I have to have one!

L. Starr, Virginia

It sure has made my life easier moving travel trailers around the resort. Just now ordering my second hitch so that both of my tractors will be capable of moving trailers.

R. Hill, Travelers' Rest Resort, Dade, FL

I just received my FLEXpoint from Northern Tool & Equipment Co. I plan on using my flex point for an application you may not have thought of. A few years ago, I bought a Warn Winch that slides into a receiver mounted under the front bumper of my Ford Explorer. This winch will pull 8000 lbs., so it's a real brute. Now I can use that same winch on the back of my old Ferguson Tractor. I just have to run a power cable down to the area of my new FLEXpoint, and I'm all set. My tractor can now double as an inexpensive skidder. As a retired Quality Assurance Specialist for the Department of Defense, I'd just like to say you manufacture a quality product

F.L., New York