FLEXpoint Features

The FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch System allows you to tow behind your tractor whatever you have been towing behind your pickup! The FLEXpoint® fits your 3-point tractor hitch like any other implement and has the superb feature of presenting a 2-1/2" square receiver to the rear of your tractor. So, when you arrive with a trailer load of something, it can be easily transferred to the tractor allowing you to pull the trailer further to a more specific location that you could have with the pickup. Or vice-versa; you load the trailer in the field then pull it to a landing where it can be transferred to the pick up for the long haul. To switch, simply unhook the trailer, unpin the 2" square insert from the first towing vehicle and pin it to the second.

FLEXpoint® offers versatility and interchangeability to your towing potential whether you use a ball hitch, a pintle hitch or a pin hitch. A farmer can load bales of hay on his flatbed in the field, then up by the roadside, switch the trailer to the pickup for delivery. A boat dealer can park boats for winter storage and retrieve them at the owner's notice, using his tractor, and easily switch the load to the owner's towing vehicle.

FLEXpoint's Valuable Features Include:

The FLEXpoint® patented design incorporates the STRENGTH and STABILITY of a TRIANGLE

why flex point




Under a heavy load, a square distorts easily. It ends up looking like a parallelogram. In a square or rectangle each corner angle does not brace any of the other sides, and the sides can continue to move with respect to each other as shown. Thus, the square is not a stable structure.

The triangle is the only shape that cannot be deformed without changing the length of one of its sides. Because it's not easily deformed, the triangle is an extremely popular building shape. It is used in the construction of bridges, railway trestles, towers, geodesic domes, and skyscrapers.

The FLEXpoint® is a departure from the horizontal draw bar, which is functionally inadequate, and was the motivation for the design of the FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch System.

Improvement Over Drawbar

The traditional fixed draw bar under the belly of the tractor is difficult to hook up to and hazardous to the operator. Both the fixed and the horizontal draw bar are hazardous from a safety point of view, contributing to back injuries, pinched fingers, and other types of injuries.

Safer, Easier Hookups Using Tractor Hydraulics

The FLEXpoint® Hitch System eliminates the possibility of injury by moving the hookup point further away from the tractor and allowing the operator to use the tractor hydraulics on the 3-point mechanism to align the tractor to the implement from the tractor seat.

Designed to use with Pickup Inserts

Further, the 2-1/2" square tube receiver technology allows the operator to insert the various types of connecting mechanisms, balls, pins, pintle hooks, et. prior to the actual step of connecting to the implement.

Accepts Implement Inserts

The 2-1/2" square tube receiver also lends itself to adapting many different inserts for practical use around the farm and ranch limited only by one's imagination.


Moves Point of Connection Back

Other functional benefits to be realized by using FLEXpoint® are that it moves the connection point back from the tractor, allowing the operator to alley dock trailers or back into very confining spaces.

All Flexpoint® Hitch models are John Deere Imatch Compatible

No need to remove your Imatch to hook up to the drawbar.
Simply insert the FLEXpoint® in your iMatch then haul anything you want.

imatch hookup

User Acceptance Satisfaction

To date, we have shipped in excess of 30,000 units nationwide. We guarantee customer satisfaction. Read what our customers have to say on our Customer Review page.

Who is Using the FLEXpoint®?

Applications range from farmers to ranchers, to marinas and boatyards, to golf courses, parks and recreation, the military, cemeteries, moving and storage, trailer manufacturers, vineyards, flower/vegetable/fruit growers, equestrian stables, and racetracks.

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FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch box trailer hook-up video: